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I wish I could say I’ve been off this blog for three months because I’ve been on an insanely productive writing jag. And that’s true, in a way. Absorbed in completing my MG manuscript, getting it ready to send out, I kept putting off posting. And then I found I had blog writers’ block. Blog block.

Now it’s over.

Just as I’m finally, almost, about to be ready to query.  I’m doing a final read-through. It’s taking far too long! Must-Get-Through. My writers’ group will kick me out if I don’t start sending it out asap. They are sooo over this manuscript! I sure can’t blame them.

Had to laugh at a comment Colson Whitehead made in his Q&A in this week’s NYT Book Review section. He’s asked,”What’s the one book you wish someone else would write?” His answer: “The book I’m working on now. Be a real time saver, and I could concentrate on my general brooding and sifting-through of my regrets.”



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